IFBs, RFPs and Bid Results

The City utilizes an online bid management and publication system. This system allows vendors to register online, receive automated email notification of solicitations for goods and services pertinent to their businesses, obtain bid documents and specifications, submit bids online, and view bid results.

For Non-Public Works bids please click here.

For all Public Works construction projects please click on the description listed below to download the bid document in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Prior to submitting your bid/proposal, check back at this site for any addendums that may have been issued subsequent to the document release.

Refer to individual Invitation for Bid (IFB) or Request for Proposal (RFP) documents for information relating to requisites including, but not limited to, bonds, insurance, special instructions, conditions, forms, and license requirements. Bids/proposals must be submitted per the detailed instructions found in each document. Note that bids/proposals MUST be received at the location specified in the instructions. Only sealed bids/proposals are acceptable; do not fax or e-mail.

Current Notices Inviting Bids – Public Works Construction Projects


Proj. # Description Posted Due
17-6611 NIB 17-6611 Chestnut Ave and Bush/Cypress Bike Lanes - REBID 2/17/17 3/13/17
2:00:59 pm

16-1301, 16-1302
16-1303, 16-1304

NIB 16-1301, 16-1302, 16-1303, 16-1304 Downtown Parking Facility Improvements
Addendum 1 NIB 16-1301, 16-1302, 16-1303, 16-1304 Downtown Parking Facility Improvements
2/28/17 3/30/17 2 pm
17-026 RFP 17-026 Santa Ana Blvd & 5th St Protected Bike Lane PS&E
Addendum 1 RFP 17-026 Santa Ana Blvd & 5th St Protected Bike Lane PS&E
3/6/17 3/27/17 3 pm
16-144 RFP 16-144 Spill Response and Storm Drain Facility Cleaning 3/9/17 4/13/17 3 pm
17-013 RFP 17-013 South Main St Corridor Improvements 3/13/17 4/10/17 5 pm
17-034 RFP 17-034 Construction Engineering Services for Walnut Pump Station building upgrade and San Lorenzo Sewage lift Station 3/16/17 4/13/17 3 pm
17-009 RFP 17-009 Construction Survey Services 3/16/17 4/13/17 3 pm
NIB 17-7522 and 15-6836 Residential Street Repair Program 3/16/17 4/5/17
2:00:59 pm
17-021 RPF 17-021 Citywide Street Light Financing For Purchasing Retrofit and Maintenance 3/16/17 4/13/17 3 pm
17-033 RFP 17-033 ATMS and Communication Systems On-Call Repair Services 3/23/17 4/13/17 4 pm


Bids Results/Pending Contract Awards

Preliminary bid results are listed below. All bids are subject to verification of responsiveness. The lowest responsive bidder will be recommended for award by City Council approximately 2 to 4 weeks after the bid due date. Results will be posted approximately one week after the bid due date and remain posted for 30 days.


IFB/RFP# Description Posted