Business License Tax Reporting Requirements - Principal's Peddler's / Solicitor's License

The Santa Ana Municipal Code (SAMC) requires that a municipal business license tax be paid by every person, firm or corporation, either employing one or more individuals, or contracting with one or more independent contractors to have such individuals solicit the retail sale of any goods, wares, merchandise, services or other things of value for future delivery or for services to be performed in the future, or to peddle or sell goods, wares and merchandise or to solicit any opinions, preferences, endorsements or other information from persons within the city, not otherwise licensed under the provisions of this chapter or not having a regularly established place of business within the city.

The collector shall not issue such license until the applicant files with the collector a list of all peddlers and/or solicitors employed by the applicant or with whom the applicant has contracted and a signed agreement that the applicant, within five (5) days thereafter, will notify the collector in writing of every change in personnel of those soliciting and/or peddling for him (SAMC 21-108)

Requirements –

  • Any person or business engaging peddlers or solicitors as a principal within the City of Santa Ana (whether as employees or independent contractors) is required to complete a report of all such peddlers and solicitors.
  • Any such person or business is also required to sign an agreement that within five (5) days thereafter, he or she will notify the collector in writing of every change in personnel of those soliciting and/or peddling.

If you are a renewing Principal's Peddler's/Solicitor's licensee click the link below to download a fillable pdf version of the required Report of Peddlers/Solicitors Form:

Follow the instruction on the reverse side of the form to submit your Report of Peddlers/Solicitors via email.