Neighborhood Initiatives

The Neighborhood Initiatives Program (NIP) provides staff support and acts as a liaison between neighborhoods, communities and the City, NIP provides quality technical assistance and community improvements to facilitate improved communication between residents, the community and the City.

Our residents and their neighborhood associations are part of a larger community-building agenda being advanced by Santa Ana. We remain very active in encouraging collaboration and coordination between residents, their associations, municipal agencies and the hundreds of community-based organizations / institutions that consider Santa Ana to be their arena. This is part of our long term strategy to build capacity in our two Community Planning Districts.

In addition to neighborhoods, these groups typically include parent groups at schools, service clubs, non-profit social service agencies, houses of worship and businesses interested in civic engagement. One of our goals is to improve the community cohesion in Santa Ana because we know that we can accomplish more by working with these partners through inter-agency teams. We also offer annual recognition programs.

Neighborhoods and Community - Our community has been both creative and resourceful in working with residents and neighborhood groups.

Interagency Teams - We know that we can accomplish more and sustain improvement by working with community partners through inter-agency teams. Contact Neighborhood Initiatives at (714) 667-2260 for additional information.

Resource Network - There are hundreds of community-based organizations in Santa Ana.