Commendation and Complaint

The Santa Ana Police Department believes in each individual's right to express their appreciation of an employee for outstanding service and/or complaint against an employee for improper actions.

If a Santa Ana Police Department employee provided outstanding service and you would like to extend your appreciation, we will gladly accept any written explanation of the incident.  Please provide the employee's name and badge number (if known), date, time, and location of the occurrence, and details about the occurrence. To telephone a commendation, please contact the on-duty Watch Commander at

(714) 245-8700.


You may also complete the commendation form and mail or bring it in to the Police Department.





If you would like to file a formal complaint against a police employee for actions you truly believe to be improper, you can complete the Complaint Form and mail or bring it in to the Police Department.  You may also contact any Field Supervisor or the on-duty Watch Commander at (714) 245-8700. For further information and instructions, please refer to the form below.


Complaint Form





Both forms are in pdf format.  The Adobe Reader is available to download for free at

Adobe Reader